Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Its called an Addiction.

Pinterest is like a naughty naughty little addiction that just keeps sucking you further in. As soon as you think you are done and can rip yourself away someone brilliant pins another amazing picture and it is downhill again from there! I thought Id share some of my most recent favorite pins with you today, like I have said if you aren't already on this crazily amazing website just break down and do it, so.many.good.ideas.

Id like to hang this over my kitchen sink for the mornings that nothing seems to be going correct, which happens a lot with a determined one year old

Can someone please invite me to a party that looks as amazing as this, you don't have to serve me any food or drink just let me sit at the table and soak in all of this amazingness.

How 2007 does Nicole Richie look in this photo? In a good way!! I feel like Nicole just keeps getting better and better! Has anyone else been watching Fashion Star? Her outfits are crazy good and I feel like she has this air of sophistication to her now. She really is someone that constantly shows me that being a Mom does not mean you have to lose touch with your personal self, something I am working hard to get better at!

These adorable Ipad cases are going straight to the top of my wish list!! I am especially fond of the seafoam! {Are you taking notes Husband J? cough cough Mothers Day}

We are waiting patiently over here for my Husbands company to tell him when we are packing up to move we do know its coming but we don't know which month most likely August. They have reassured us we will have 6-8 weeks notice. ??!!***!!! that is not notice in my book. Though this house above is wayyy im talking wayyyy out of our ballpark I am SO excited to get back to suburb living!! I am green grass, driveway loving girl at heart...

Olivia Palermo, where do I even begin... she doesn't get it wrong...ever.. Her wardrobe is so amazing she is quickly becoming one of my favorite fashion gurus.

Hope these images put a little pep in your step if you want to see more follow me on Pinterest!!

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