Monday, April 9, 2012

Old Head

Today is my 28th Birthday and I am def giving it the stink eye, 28 seems...OLD..that is only two years away from 30!!?? I have never been the type of person to say that I needed to be married by x age and have kids by x age I kind of just figured it would come to me when it was time. Every Birthday I do however like to evaluate where I am and how I have grown as a individual and I can honestly say I am so proud of myself and my little family for how much we have grown this past year. It is not always easy being the first of most of our friends to own a home, be married and now have a kid. We miss out on a lot of things and find ourselves relating at times much more with the 30 something group and feeling sheepish when they ask our age and we tell them only to find out they are a good 5 to 7 years older than us. This is our path and we wouldn't change it for anything and I am so excited to see where my path leads as I go into this new year of my life! As for Birthday celebrations go we are keeping it pretty low key having dinner with Kael at our favorite restaurant in our neighborhood then my brother in law is going to come and watch Kael while me and Husband J go and see The Hunger Games a truly rare treat!! We will continue celebrating next weekend perhaps with a little getaway to the shore.Well I hope everyone had a great Easter/ Passover I will leave you with some of my favorite shots of mine from the weekend

P.S. I don't know about you but the Masters was on our TV all.weekend.long. but it was worth it in the end to be moved to tears while watching Bubba Watson's pure emotion after winning, Im pretty sure he has the best sense of humor of anyone to win the master just watch THIS these are all guys who played in the Master this weekend Bubba is in the overalls

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