Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday, Monday

Its Monday and its rainy again, I shouldn't complain because we have had beautiful weather here in Philadelphia lately but now we've been spoiled and are silently staring out the window begging the sun to appear again, well mostly me because I have realized being stuck in the house with a 1 year old on rainy days is just no fun at all. We are going to venture out today even if it means strolling the mall { Im on a hunt for a outfit to wear for Kaels 1 year old picture we have this week } In other news I made two delicious dishes this weekend which Husband J absolutely loved the first one  a shrimp salsa was for a BBQ over at my girlfriends house and the second a spiced flounder dish both were very tasty. I added shrimp and artichoke hearts to the flounder recipe and a little three cheese pasta sauce it was so good I highly recommend it!

Have I ever told you how much I love Giuliana and Bill Rancic? Their show always lifts me up instead of bringing me down like most reality shows and their dynamic reminds me so much of me and Husband J's he is practical and likes to plan she is more impulsive and free spirited. I also love that through their struggle to conceive a baby and her battle with cancer they have grown stronger and that to me is a true testament to their relationship. Happily I read online today that they are expecting a baby in September which is just a amazing and truly made my day rain or shine.

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