Friday, April 27, 2012

Ramdom Ramblings Friday

Hooray for Fridays!! Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned! Im taking my little boogie boy to the Please Touch Museum today and I am focusing the rest of my energy on
trying to figure out a way to pull off  hiding this dress  on our credit card statement not a easy task with the credit card police constantly beating down my door {side eye Husband J } which leads me to this motivational quote of the week

How stunning is Nicole? I always say I am going to start wearing more jewelry on my head I would have to start slowly to get comfortable.. man can she pull off a headband..
I have a new girl crush and her name is Beyonce Carter { Mother to Blue Ive ick, yes thats still her name } I watched this video over and over last night... she is just good not to mention I am really feeling her post baby style. She just launched a personal tumblr it is amazing.

I am in love with abstract art lately and Im hoping to add a couple of pieces in our next house I especially love the colors in the one below from this sweet shop on etsy

Im hoping on making this scrumptious oatmeal strawberry banana and chocolate breakfast concoction this weekend something me Jay and Kael can all share on our lazy Sunday morning


  1. That dress is gorgeous!!! Have fun with your little guy!!! Happy Weekend =)

  2. I know it is so pretty!! Maybe it will go on sale?? Wishful thinking!! Thanks so much for reading!!


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