Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Wanna know my favorite thing about Spring? I can shamelessly flaunt my unwavering love for pastels on my sleeve. How amazing is that floral dress? perfect to wear to some of the bridal showers I have this summer! The light blue mini crib that I found at WALMART is so cute for boy or girl and is just small enough to have in the bedroom with you and easy enough to break down and take with you when traveling. Kael needs those Hunter Rainboots in a bad way. In my mind I am making those adorable Rice Krispy Easter eggs but in reality Im just not. That water color pillow has " NEXT HOUSE" written all over it. If I had the time and patience these days to sit for a manicure I wouldn't be able to pick between all those amazing Essie colors. Speaking of time and patience life for a pup really does change once a toddler in walking around { hair pulls and not so gentle pats happening over here by the hour } Sadie Mama deserves her own little oasis how sweet is that little bed? Just big enough for her but just small enough so that a certain someone can't get in..

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