Friday, May 18, 2012


Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great week and have some great plans for the weekend! I have been feeling kinda sluggish and blah lately and decided since I am now done nursing to try a small cleanse nothing too too crazy just something to kinda flush my system and get me back on a healthy eating track { I am ashamed to admit I have been eating pretty much whatever I have wanted since I was burning the extra calories } We are headed down the shore for the week and into memorial day weekend so this isn't the best time to start something like this but I figured Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday would be good because I would be down there with just Kael during the day and then maybe I will feel confident kicking off memorial day weekend! I'll let you know how it goes Ive never been great with dieting but this one is short and sweet so here hoping I can do it!! Hope everyone has a great weekend

Keeping with the theme of healthy eating how amazing does this salad from my favorite blogger Camille Styles look? She is so inspiring on so many level but more so that she is 6 months pregnant and eating healthy salads like this click the link to get the recipe!

In my head I would love to eat steel cut oats every morning because they are so good for you and boost your energy so much, in reality I normally eat the left over toast and berries off my sons high chair this recipe looks so delicious it is just the motivation I need to take the time to make my OWN breakfast each morning

Who doesn't love a good creamy guacamole { everyone but my hips } it is a MAJOR weakness of mine but how delicious does this healthier alternative look?? Strawberries AND Avocado?? SOLD!

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