Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Front Entry

So I have so many other things I should probably be focusing on but the front entryway to my house has really been bugging me lately. It is just BLAH. If you follow me on instagram you know that we won't be in this house for very long probably only for another year. SO I am in a spot once again where I can't do too too much because it would kind of just be a waste of money. I need pick things that can easily come with us and or I don't mind leaving behind. The area right by the front door is about 5x5 and could use a splash of color so I am have been on the look out for a nice indoor/outdoor rug that can add a little jazz to this area.

This one is from Rugs Direct and comes in a bunch of different colors  I liked these two the best 

These last two are from shades of light and I have been eyeing them ever since we knew we would be moving I just love the stripes. 

The light that is hanging there right now was in the house when we moved in - it isn't terrible but I def dont love it and since I look at it thinking " I don't love you " all day long I thought this Allen and Roth light from Lowe's would make a good replacement not to mention it is a total steal at 118 bucks! 

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