Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mother of 2

Hello blog Universe! I am back it has been a while! I gave birth and then spent the last five months attempting not to drown in what is Motherhood. Wow having two kids is seriously not a joke folks it took me up until last month to figure out how to fit in a shower for myself and that is every other day (everyday is seriously asking way too much). I have thought about this blog a lot since my last post which was literally a couple days before the birth of my daughter and missed writing it but could never really find the time to fit it in. Now that my newest little one ,who we named Penelope but call Pippa, is taking much more predictable naps I think I can do this again. I really enjoy writing this blog I have had it for 5 years and have taken my good share of breaks but have always come back to it. It is a little space where I can be myself and while I am writing work things out in my head and above all share my unwavering love for all things stylish. I was trying to think of some new ways to change up the blog a little bit, after all I have changed SO much in the last 5 years. I am now married with two children, so I thought it was only appropriate my blog change a little bit too. Before I took my break I had started doing a little on my bedside table section where I did a little review on recent books that I have read which I still want to continue doing I also want to start sharing a easy meal  every other week. Cooking balanced meals has been such a challenge for me I am so busy I have just been throwing 10 goldfish at a time and calling that lunch so in order to maintain my health and waist line I am making a more conscious effort to plan out my meals, so I will share some of the good ones here with you guys. I am excited to be back writing this and hope you enjoy following along with me! I thought I would share some pictures of our newest addition since I have not introduced her yet on here! Happy Saturday Everyone see you on Monday!

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