Friday, January 2, 2015

Cheers to 2015

Its a brand new year in a brand new city and I feeling energized and excited about it. So much to explore to taste to learn. In the past years I have written down my goals and tried really hard to stick to unrealistic resolutions that I never really meet so this year I am just aiming to be better than I was last year. To worry less and to savor the sweet times a little more. To devote my time and energy towards people who make me happy and lift me up and are genuinely happy to see me happy. To soak in ever sweet giggle from my little one while they are young cuddly and small and actually want to hang out with me. Most of all I just want to find happiness in this new country and make the most of the years we are here instead of counting down the time until we are home. This experience is tough and full of ups and downs but I know that it is once in a lifetime and I am lucky to be on the wild ride so I might as well put my feet up and enjoy all the ups and downs that come my way. Wishing you and yours a happy happy New Year.

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