Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Interior Inspiration

There is a new Bachelor that just started on ABC and I didnt even know about it until someone posted it on Facebook. I am losing my touch guys over here in China and I am only two months in. As I may have mentioned before  or if you follow along on my Instagram, we are moving into our new house here in Shanghai next week and I can not be more excited about it. It is the finally piece we need to feel settled here in this new country we will finally receive all of the stuff we shipped here from the US ( our pictures our blankets our sheet cups bowls ohhh how I have missed them ) I also  have always had a love for interior design so any chance I have to decorate a new house I jump all over immediately. This house I am going in a different direction than I normally would go in because it is so temporary I decided why not go a little trendier and have a little bit of fun with it. I 100 percent will be sharing in the process with you guys as we complete the house. Here are some pictures I used as inspiration for this new home, obviously found on Pinterest.

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