Thursday, February 26, 2015

Phuket Thailand 2015

Hi guys. Im awful at keeping up with this blog. It kills me I am sorry. Here are some pictures from our most recent trip to Thailand. I knew that moving to China was going to come with a bunch of lows and also some pretty incredible highs. This trip for sure was one of the highs. I have never been one to lust after traveling but I think this winter along with multiple common colds, a persistent cough, a fever and the stomach bug I have also caught the " travel bug" . Thailand was the most beautiful place that I have ever seen on top of that the people and the food were amazing. If you are in the market to visit Thailand which I highly suggest we stayed at the JW Marriott and I don't have enough time to list all the amazing things about this resort it was comfort and happiness from top to bottom. Here are a couple of the many many pictures I took during our time there. Hope you guys enjoy!

This was our little seating area outside of our room, at night me and Jay would sit and listen to the ocean have a drink and marvel over the fact that we were in Thailand

This was our view from breakfast every morning and perfect way to start the day 

Went and spent some time with the elephants

Above their heads were a ton of monkeys

Took turns during nap time relaxing by the pool 

Went on a couple of bike rides 

Pippas hair got so gold and her skinned was so tan

Amazing covered bridge 

Delicious soup I had a bad cough the whole trip so this was just what the doctor ordered 

Got dunked under water 

Gorgeous Sunsets

Pippas first TUTU moment

Bye Bye Thailand until next time!! 

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