Monday, March 27, 2017

Selah Turns ONE!!

I thought before the next Birthday arrived in our house which happens to be tomorrow ( i like to live on the wild side and wait till the last minute ) I would post a couple of pictures from Selahs first Birthday. Normally for the kids first Birthday I will have a party and invite family and friends. Since we are in Shanghai and our families would not be able to attend I decided to hold off on a big celebration and save it for when she is two and we are back in the US. Instead we asked the older two how they would like to celebrate Selah. They were SOO excited to plan something for her. They both love going out for brunch on Sundays ( what can I say they are old souls ) and they liked the idea of getting really dressed up to make it feel like a true celebration for our Selah. I went to one of the fabric markets here and had their little outfits made so they will match and lets just say it basically made my little Mommy heart soar. Since Selah was about one month old me and Jay would sing "SELAAABRATE good times" to her when trying to rock her to sleep. So it was only natural that this was the " theme " of her special day. We got her the most adorable little rocking pig from Land of the Nod and I am not kidding from behind this pig truly looks real it is hilarious me and Jay could not stop laughing. Overall it was a great day and we couldnt have asked for more enthusiasm from our older two. They love her so much and it really is all I could ever ask for in life. 

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