Monday, April 3, 2017

A little home inspo...

With the thoughts of moving back to the good ole USA swimming in my head I can't help but think about what I want to do with our next home. So lets back up. I have lived in four homes since me and Jay have been married. I have liked them all for different reasons but none of them ever totally felt like mine. We always knew that we would soon be relocating within two or three years so there was never any point to put too much time or energy into them. I am a very visual person so it tends to irk at me when I am a living in a home that was clearly picked by someone else. SO I am thinking (  and I may retract this entire blog when I actually get home and start looking at houses ) of taking on a project. Something I can entirely make my own. It wont be perfect at first and I have to get my head OK with that but I think that in the end I would be happier bc it will be all my taste. Scrolling Trulia and there are so many move in ready homes but then I would have to settle with tile in a bathroom I loathe or a kitchen with finishes that I feel are just are OK. Which I have done before and it is fine but I feel like after three years in China I want something to be fully mine.  So I have been trolling pinterest for some inspiration and then I really got excited when I started watching Fixer Upper. I would never go as as extreme as them but it is really is so inspiring the things they can do with these homes. I will be over at my pinterest a lot getting inspiration so come on over and check me out

At the top of my list is a nice open kitchen. I always feel like people gather in the kitchen and I believe it is the heart of the home. 

I love the cabinet colors and the open shelves in this kitchen. I would definitely need some traditional shelving as well to hide the kids plates and tupperwear but love the idea of this for everyday plates and mugs to easily grab.
image via pinterest

Image Via Pinterest

Also really important to us is a good outdoor space and a yard for the kids to play in. A lot of homes in Houston have pools which we are kinda on the fence on just because the kids are so young and they can be so dangerous. 

Image Via Pinterest

Last we would love a " bonus " area where the kids can have their toys and TV for their shows and just a space from them to relax. I would love some built in desks like the one above. A place where they can do homework and Kael can build his legos.  

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