Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hi my name is Jen and Im addicted to Twilight ( or maybe just Edward Cullen )

OK, so I have read all four of Stephanie Myers Twilight books and I LOVE LOVE LOVED them! I was kinda nervous to see the movie because personally I do not really like who they cast as Bella and I really didnt think that ANYONE could play the amazing Edward Cullen, I was afraid that these things were going to ruin the books for me. Well I am here to say that Robert Pattinson really saved the movie with his amazing good looks and charm. I still dont think that Bella did that great of a job....she annoys me, however the movie was very good!! Go to the movie store and rent it ya'll! And if you are one of the FEW people who have not read the book, get on it!! = ) 

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