Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hello blog world! I am sorry I have been away for such a long time! My life has been incredibly busy! My best friend Michelyn came into town this past weekend which was so so nice,we went to all the best vintage stores, ate great sushi at Vango happy hour at Alfa and went and go fitted for bridesmaid dresses at Priscilla of Bostn with Kate, however I have finals all this week so the week before she came I spent all my time and effort making sure that I was prepared for everything before she came! That was a success! What else, I have also been house hunting, we have gotten some good news, Jay's has his official start date for the Exxon plant in New Jersey which is June 1st! So exciting, however this means it is crunch time to find a home for us!! I also got my internship lined up to start in April at this really great boutique called Vintage Connection!! All very exciting things, but im running around like a chicken..oh yea Im getting married in Sept hahahaha, sooo Im doing stuff for that too. Wait..I just got stressed out writing this blog haha! While Michelyn was here she told me that she is making the theme of my bachelorette party 80's cocktail attire since I was born in 80's haha! This got me thinking about what I was going to wear, so above are some images that inspired me!

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