Thursday, March 25, 2010

Agenda Pushing?

Today it our 6 month Wedding anniversary!! Im not really one to keep track of the month anniversaries however early this morning I was sent an email from Bloomingdale's one of the places that I registered who are affiliated with the Wedding, , congratulating me on 6 months and telling me about baby stuff that they had in their store and baby website's ( the bump specifically ) that they sponsor. I thought this was HILARIOUS! Talk about agenda pushing, we aren't QUITE ready to start a family, we are still trying to tackle keeping our new Goldendoodle puppy Liberty from jumping up when we walk in the door and really looking forward to a relaxing summer, but I couldn't help just for a second to visualize all the fun things I could do with a nursery. So for all you pregnant or soon to be pregnant readers out there ; ) Take a long slow drink of these beautiful images below...

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  1. That email from Bloomies was kind of funny..nice of them to congratulate you on you 6 months though:) Even when I wasn't ready for kids I sure did love looking @ spaces for the baby.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for your kind words today.

    xx - Christina


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