Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mama Kardashian

OK OK, I am not the biggest fan of the Kardashian, a little too much over exposure even for a reality show junkie like me, however I do have to comment on the INCREDIBLE improvement Kourtney has done with her wardrobe. I always thought that she was the sister that has style that appealed to me most. Until she got pregnant when all of the sudden she INSISTED on wearing extremely tight dresses on every red carpet, and I was really upset when she was pregnant in lingerie for her Keeping Up With the Kardashian ad that was featured in pretty much every magazine all over the country. Happily despite some questionable decisions while pregnant, she is making an amazing come back! I pretty much love her post baby style! So once again she is making her way back up my favorite fashionistas list, however I am going to keep a close eye on her in case of a fashion foul! xox

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