Friday, April 2, 2010

Bathroom Botox..

I finally re did my bathroom! It was in need of a make over, I have been telling my husband for a while how much the color of our bathroom bothered me. He didn't think anything was wrong with it, so every time he asked why I was in a bad mood I irrationally blamed it on the bathroom color. I can't explain why, I would just walk into it every morning and get annoyed at the paint I am not a HUGE fan of green. FINALLY he agreed to paint it after making me promise not to be in a bad mood for a month ( yea right )! I added a few touches to it and finally it is a place I want to spend a hour in every morning! I had a so fun doing it and I even made the curtains myself ! I can check the bathroom off my list, next is to finish the living room and then my bedroom!! Happy Easter!! Below are pictures of before then the final result, would LOVE to know what you think!!

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