Saturday, January 22, 2011

{ Low Key Saturday }

Having a low key Saturday over here watching old Sex and the City episodes, went to meet my girlfriends baby boy Jack this morning! It was so amazing to lay my eyes on the little guy and hold him in my arms. Since my 12th week in pregnancy me and my girlfriend met up for " tea and bagels" once a week or once every two weeks and talked about our pregnancies and wondered what each of our babies are going to look like and FINALLY one of them has arrived! It was so special. It was also neat watching my Husband hold the little guy, it melted my heart and made me so so excited! Couldn't be happier for them family IS the most important thing, nothing else matters.

I am trying to finish up all the chic lit laying around the house that I wont have time to read once my little nugget arrives. I just finished Giuliana and Bill Rancic book Were Married Now What? It was so good totally recommend reading it this summer for a fun light beach read! Up next on my book list is Nicole Richie's novel Priceless, I know these books are so fluffy but they pass the time and are guilty you know I had to give Nicole's book a whirl she is my girl..Hope you are all out enjoying some cocktails and dancing, my cocktail of choice these days is water with lemon. I know I am CRAZY...but I crave it in the middle of the night and all times of the day..I need REAL lemons in the water too, non of this fake lemon tasting water..real lemons..ok I'm official nuts...below are some photos from my New Years Eve, yes I totally rocked the sequence over the bump.. xox

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