Monday, February 21, 2011

{ On my Mind }


- This Spring 2011 Collection below by Elie Saab is stunning...

-My obsession with lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj continues to grow at an alarming rate

- Is is socially acceptable for me to go to a Lil Wayne concert 2 days before my due date, Husband J says no way..I say it could be done..

- Im impressed with my all time record of getting up 7 times last night to pee..

-Barnes and Noble cafe hot chocolate { extra hot with skim milk and whipped cream} gets better every time I visit..never dissapoints

-I'm excited for the rocker for my nursery to arrive on Wednesday

- I'm even more excited for my little nugget to arrive

- When did Facebook become a space for people to brag/toot their own horn/say things that would never be socially acceptable to say in person..

- I wish me and Kelly Ripa were BFF..

- Will Verizon come out with a white iPhone..

- Can I get away with wearing my black leggings everyday for the next couple of weeks..

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