Saturday, September 24, 2011

Embrace Messy

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend mine is good I managed to get to the grocery store this morning and to my confusion it wasn't even OPEN yet, I felt funny like I was waving my Mommy flag way too high way too early in the morning. I couldn't just sit in the parking lot, desperate, waiting from them to open their doors but I was in South Philly at the BJ's Wholefoods so I didn't really know where to go to waste 30 minutes so I thought I would go and treat myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte, no luck it seems that South Philly and Starbucks are having a standoff because there was not one for 20 block. So I settled and decide to drive through the McDonald's drive thru for some coffee the only thing I will eat from Mcdonalds {if you dont know why take a little peek at the book Fast Food Nation } I got to the window and asked for a Non Fat Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, their reply " umm I think we can put carmel in the coffee " lol that response made my morning. I got home and half way through putting all the stuff away and was exhausted,stopped and as I sit here writing this post I am still looking at the other half of the groceries that needs to be put away. See..being a Mom is so fun, the best kind of fun but the ONE part that I am having trouble getting used to is the extra cleaning that it involves this mama never liked to clean and things didn't change when I gave birth. I'd rather be browsing my favorite blogs, facebook { btw what's with this new facebook, what MORE can it do its getting a little excessive people can already tell you exactly where they are who they are with accompanied with a map to the location so so creepy NO one needs to know that much about me }or just about anything other than cleaning. Husbands J's parents gave us a little cash in our card for our anniversary and that is going directly to a cleaning lady for a little treat to us both..below are some pictures of when messy can be kind of pretty they are also good examples of how my hair looks each and everyday..opps.

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