Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Next House

How beautiful are all of these fireplaces? Never more than this time of year when the air is just starting to get chilly do I wish for a fireplace of my own. I love the romantic feel that they add to a room, curled up on a sofa drinking a glass of wine or some hot chocolate listening to the fire crack..ahh heavenly. Are any of you on twitter? I used to scoff at the idea of it mostly because I didn't know how to navigate it and that made me feel a little old but now I find myself wasting more time on the twitterverse than I do on Facebook. I guess Facebook will always be good as a way of communicating quickly with friends and family truthfully though I am kind of over it.. Im obsessed with all the instant information I get via twitter from celeb gossip to food recalls to mommy advice it is pretty amazing. Obviously I follow my best gal pal Nicole Richie on their and sometimes I send random tweets to celebs that really irk me it makes me feel better. If you are on the twitterworld follow me at @JenRogers328

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