Thursday, June 21, 2012


 Sorry Ive been quiet on here for quite some time, I guess you can say I have been feeling a little uninspired. I have also been spending a lot of my time outside with my little boy he is becoming such a little person saying new words and really loving playing in the the dirt. I will say I love dressing him in the cute outfits but it is time for some serious park clothes, everyday this week he has come home covered in dust and drink and grass but happy as a camper! To get myself a little bit more inspired I started thinking about what my dreams are, as a stay at home Mom my days can get a little lack luster for example I wear the same pair of Citizens o Humanity capri jeans everyday so much so that I have worn a hole in the knee and I rotate about 5 or 6 shirts and my trust havaianas  flip flops. Most of my days are spent looking at the Park slide or Sesame Street which I LOVE but sometimes I can feel a little bit in a rut so this girl is in for a little dreaming. I thought I would give you a glimpse of what my dream house would be if I am ever so lucky to build one.

My dream home would start off with an amazing mud room with built ins with a space for all of our shoes, cleats, backpacks ect a place to sit to put our shoes on  and I guess I wouldn't mind if it had an adorable dutch door like the one below.

Once all of our shoes and jackets are off I would love to be welcomed into a light bright kitchen every time it is time to fix breakfast lunch or dinner. I mean who can be upset in a kitchen THIS gorgeous??

My rule when we first had Kael was that our bedroom was going to be our space and no toys and baby stuff was going to be allowed, that way by the end of the day we could feel as if we were going into a little sanctuary, welllll lets just say that has NOT panned out so one day I would hope to actually follow these rules and have a gorgeous bedroom to escape to..

If you know me you know that I take a daily bath I love filling my tub with fun bath balls from Lush and reading whatever novel Im devouring at the moment sometimes I treat myself to a glass of wine on the side! It is truly the only " ME " time I carve out for myself. Needless to say Bathtubs are HUGE priority on my list.. HOW AMAZING is this bathroom..

I have always thought it would be so lovely to live on enough land to keep a horse or two I know that one day my kids will grow up and it will just be me and Husband J again and I picture myself busying myself taking care of my horses and tidying the barn

After I am done in the barn I would love to grab my latest book and sit sunning by the pool, I love all the lush greenery surrounding this one below

When Im done at the pool I would love to have a tidy garden to work on { you know Im really dreaming because I am not the most tidy person, it is something I work on daily }I picture myself growing my own peonies and hydrangeas and also some great fruits and vegetables

Living in the city has it pluses like being able to walk everywhere and having lots of different great restaurant and activities at your finger tips but one thing I long for is a great driveway for my kids to ride their bikes in and play with sidewalk chalk..

With all of that said if the front of my Dream house could look a little something like this then all would be perfect in the world!! 

All Images can be found here.

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