Thursday, September 6, 2012

I was never any good at limbo..

Summers over huh? How did that happen so quickly?! I think I always get into a little funk this time of the  year because I just love the summer so so much! Spending 5 years in Florida I got very used to the sunshine, we are besties, maybe even closer than that... SISTERS, and I hate when she leaves me. Other than the looming fact that fall is coming { I mean how can you ignore it with people shoving Pumpkin in my face } we are also very close to moving from Philadelphia. We are under contract for both homes our current one and the one we will be moving into. I am happy it is all going relatively smoothly but I am kinda in a limbo feeling place. I hate limbo. I am anxious to get to our new town and sign up for mommy and me classes and I am also dreading the day we drive away from the home we got married in and brought home our first child. It will be SO bittersweet.  I have been trying to distract myself with all the fun stuff , decorating, planning new activities in Virginia but the truth is I think I am going to be a little sad maybe even more than a little. I know that the next house will bring so many more sweet memories and its what I need to focus on to get us there. Sorry this is such a downer post I promise my next one will be a little more uplifting. So in the spirit of distracting myself I am going to focus on some inspirational pictures for my soon to be FORMAL dining room we also will also have  TWO fireplaces which is super neat but thats another post!! Positive thoughts, positive thoughts...In other news I am taking another Facebook break sometimes when I am feeling a little low it helps me to re center myself which is hard to do with all the stuff going on with Facebook. One day I will be strong enough and be done with it for good. I am however over on Instagram so feel free to follow me over there 

Ok so for the whole house  I am going for a cheerful light feel it has dark hardwood floors so I am going to paint the walls a buttery white to brighten up the space. This picture has exactly what I want in terms of the white walls I also want a farm table that will last and I can take with me from house to house { hint: this is not going to be our last move } 

 I love love love the tufted chairs in this next photo, though Husband J cringes at the though because of sticky hands but I just will scotch guard the crap out of them and hope for the best! I know myself and if I go for a different color I will just be longing for these still so why not be happy? I've found some reasonable ones over at World Market that are a good enough price that we won't cry in our milk if something stains them

OK I first saw this dining room on pinterest and almost fell off my chair! It is just so happy and cheery which is what I am going for. I had to find the person behind this and with a little research I found the rest of the house and the designer living in it and let me just say I was not at all disappointed!! She takes chances I mean big chances in her interior design and it just turns out great!  I have continued to follow her blog ever since and I love it! I have a shabby chic hutch in my current home and I am planning on updating it to a bright white like the one below and maybe wallpapering the back. Anyone have any good suggestion on where to find good wallpaper?

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