Monday, September 10, 2012

The Rogers Household lately...

Happy Monday everyone!! It is FINALLY a beautiful Monday here in Philadelphia 75 degrees and sunny.. after a touch and go weekend I am so happy to see the sun!! Ive been rambling on a lot lately about the move but there has been a lot of other stuff going on in this house so today I thought I would catch you on some of the things that have been happening lately..

About three weeks ago I had the honor being maid of honor at my best friends wedding she literally married  her childhood sweetheart in the most gorgeous Madison Wisconsin wedding. She was a STUNNING bride from head to toe and had everything planned perfectly as only Michelyn would! They had a perfect crisp clear day it was truly magical and I couldn't be any happier for her

The Above dress is ONE of her THREE gorgeous dresses! 

I decided that I really really was sick of feeling flabby and I was kinda over my friendship with the roll on by stomach so I figured getting back into running would be a good idea for all parties involved. I purchased the Bob Revolution Stroller { supposedly the Mercedes of jogging strollers, I thought the handle look nice n sturdy for  me to lean on while running } in order to incorporate jogs into the day with Kael. Knowing myself I realize I need a goal to work towards in order to stay motivated so I just jumped right in and signed up for a 5 mile race in Virginia, its a trail run which I LOVE and I thought it was something fun to do in our new town! I will let you now how it goes the Race is in Nov so I have time to work back up to 5 miles if you live and Philly and pass me on Kelly drive crying just tell me to keep on going!! 

This little guy is getting not so little and very very opinionated!! His new favorite word is NO! In the last couple of weeks alone he has hit his head more than in his entire 17 months. He is just so so busy and getting into EVERYTHING its nerve racking but very fun to watch him explore..

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