Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday, Monday...

This is it..the last week the three of us will live in our FIRST home together. So bittersweet and it will probably fly by because we have some much to do before the movers come on Monday. So much good has happened in this house I hate to say goodbye to it however I am SO excited for a fresh start and to find what other good things are next home will bring to us. I hope everyone had a good weekend, ours was fun and low key spending time with friends watching football and I went and had my hair colored a dark dark brown { almost black } I LOVE it! Here are some of the things across the internet I fell in love with over the weekend
This little blob of paint may look like nothing but it has been keeping me up at night! We are painting our new home right when we move in and I have been trying to find the right white { say that 10 times fast } I THINK I have settled on Dove White.

Can someone please invite me to this GORGEOUS fall gathering that I found over on my favorite blog Camille Styles, seriously guys if you haven't already checked her out do so because she always has the most beautiful things on her site.
Did you guys watching the Emmy's last night? It was a bit of a snooze fest but Kerry Washing made me sit up in my seat! I loved her gown and how simple she kept her hair makeup and jewelry!!

OK I am not a tech nut I did not get the new iphone5 and I probaly wont get it till my current one dies HOWEVER this new gadget from Bikn allows for your phone to find your keys when they are missing and your keys to find your phone when it is missing HELLOOOOO lifesaver!!! This will literally chop 20 minutes off my day..adding to my Christmas list!

Speaking of chopped this Autumn Chopped Salad looks AMAZING Ive been trying to eat healthy during the week so when Sat and Sun come around and Husband J brings in the wings I don't feel quite as guilty and while I was hunting for the recipe I found it connected to an adorable food blog check it out

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