Monday, February 11, 2013

Baby Girl and #ProjectBBR

Hello all! I hope you had a great weekend and were able to relax and enjoy your loved ones. We had a busy one over here in the Rogers household. First I will start off by sharing our exciting news. So remember when I said we wanted to be surprised by the babies gender well turns out I have no patience { not a big shocker } so we were surprised just 20 weeks early! We found out on Friday that we are having a baby GIRL! This in our family is  pretty big because my Husband comes from 5 boys and the running joke is that Rogers men cannot produce girls. On top of having those 4 Uncles I also have three brothers on my side and my sisters Husband so Kael has 8 uncles  needless to say we were very surprised and excited. I didn't really believe the doctor and made him check 20 times Im pretty sure he thinks Im crazy but I just couldn't believe it. So there will be lots of pinks and lavenders coming into the household which will be a fun change.

With the realization that we are half way thru this pregnancy we realized it was really time to get on #projectBBR  make some real decisions you know other than pinning everything I saw.  I decided on the the Benjamin Moore paint Revere Pewter it is supposed to be " the best BM color ever " we shall see

  We also ordered this trundle daybed from Ballard Designs
I picked this one because it is upholstered which is one of my favorite looks when it comes to beds but more importantly because this will eliminate our need to buy and install toddler rails, we can just pull out the trundle part a little bit and if he falls it will be onto another bed. Or he can just start out sleeping on the trundle part which is low to the ground. I also picked out these great book shelves from Land of Nod in the dark wood I loved this because they are sleek and dont take up a lot space like a traditional book shelf would.

For his bedding I picked out his gray striped duvet cover from Restoration Hardware I am hoping to add some color with some fun sheets. I am still having a hard time giving this room a theme. With Kaels nursery I found a lamp at Homegoods that looked like it belonged in a story book that I fell in love with and the whole room came to life from this one lamp I havent found tha one piece yet for this room which I guess is OK just a different way of going about things. 

Those are all the decisions that have been made for now I will keep filling you in as #projectBBR progresses! Hope you all have a Happy Monday!!

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