Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bright Art

Happy Thurday all! One more day till the weekend and tomorrow is an especially fun day because we get to go in for our 20 week scan get some good pictures of the baby and make sure everything is OK in there. Ive been feeling he or she kick away which honestly never ever will get old. So I am super pumped for tomorrow! I read tons and tons of blogs throughout the week in between playing trains and dancing to Im Sexy and I know over and over. Somedays like yesterday I get really inspired and excited to do something I have seen in my own home. Yesterday over on one of my daily stops The Glitter Guide they featured the home of Amelia Eicholz on their series Style at Home and lets just say she made me want to add some bright fun happy art into my house. In our first home in Philly I really decorated the common areas with my Husband in mind, with blues and yellows and oranges  {I know I know..but in my defense I was a new wife and Im still convinced he was slipping me something in my nightly riesling } but those colors were just not me at all and I was always left not feeling at home in my own house so with this house I am totally throwing that out the window because honestly he does not care or notice half of the time. I am in my house pretty my all day everyday aside from play dates and errands so I want to love it and I also want it to be happy and cheerful especially during these winter months that can seem so long and dreary. Here are some of my favorites

 These first two are from a website that I am obsessed with it is called Society 6  I first learned about it last Christmas when I was searching for a great iphone case. I landed at this website and it just keeps getting better and better you can now get  canvases pillows phone cases in some of the greatest prints. These  particular prints are from an artist called Emily Rickard so so fun and bright and both something I would want to look at daily.

This one is my absolute favorite and have already decided to purchase it for me and Husband J for our anniversary in September. I found this artist Minagraphy on Etsy and fell instantly in love with this picture and then to my delight realized that it was called The Jersey Shore and I nearly passed out. The Jersey shore is a place that  my Husband loves so so much he has been going there for a long as he can remember and his family has a home in Avalon so I just think this will be a perfect addition to our home. Not to mention I never ever get sick of looking at the beach it will bring me up when I down on these long cold winter months. Below is a picture of it hung so you can get an idea of how breathtaking it really is on a wall.

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