Monday, February 4, 2013

Only Child Expiring...

A couple of months ago I took this adorable picture of my sweet little boy and tucked it in all of our Christmas cards to happily announce that we are expanding our family to 4 come the summer time!! SO this is what initially kept me from writing my blog. You need to forgive me, I could barely lift my head off the pillow and I was dealing with a toddler too. It was the hardest two months of my life. 8 Weeks doesn't really sound that long until you are vomitting into the toilet a couple of times a day with a 1 year old pulling at your leg. Needless to say I got thru it as all women before me have and I am feeling much better and so so excited for our new addition to come. My official due date is July 3 however since I will be having another c-section I will being having the baby at the end of June. So I am a week shy of being half way there! Its a good thing I am feeling much better because we have so much to do before our next little one arrives including moving Kael into his big boy room #projectBBR and making sure that the rest of the house feels somewhat like home since I will be holed up half the summer.

As much as I love decorating, it is hard work and so many decisions. Kaels soon to be big boy room was the only room in our new house that had wallpaper, which has to come down. It is bad, really bad blue and yellow floral bad with matching curtains. When we bought this house it was such a easy no brainer thing "there is wallpaper in this room" "no big deal its cosmetic" its easy to fix" but now it its just another expense and frankly annoying { tip to all home buyers  all the things your want to change cost money on TOP of what you paid for the house and until you fix it you just stare at it..hating it more and more everyday }SO this is our first step we are having someone come out and rip down the wallpaper and repaint at the end of the month and I have little by little been picking out furniture. As far as the nursery is concerned we are going to have to wait till July to do anything with that because are going to let the sex be a surprise this time around. Luckily I bought furniture for Kael that would go great with a girl or a boy so the only big changes that I will need to make are accessories.

Now I may just be pregnant and super hormonal but if any of you watched the superbowl last night did you not cry hysterially at this commercial? May it is because I am a horse lover, but NO probably would have cried if I wasn't pregnant I just think this commercial was the sweetest thing..

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