Sunday, February 3, 2013

Feeling Energized

 Hello, remember these faces?? I have been gone for quite some time and while I have many good reasons for you but the truth is I wasn't really sure if I was going to continue to write this blog. I kept wondering if it  was a waste of my time and wasn't really sure who really read it. I also started to get really annoyed with all the social media that is constantly coming at me in so many overwhelmingly different directions and thought the last thing that I wanted was MORE social  media. 
If you know me in real life you know I go back and forth with the whole social media thing sometimes it is just too too much for me. One day as I was logging in for my normal morning check up I realized that nothing really was different from yesterday just more of the same generic " TGIF " " best night ever " " how amazing does this food look " and the always favorite " My life is perfect, are you jealous of me yet " posts and I just got annoyed and realized HEY I sign up for this stuff and it really doesn't make me all that happy def more annoyed lately than happy so I decided  that is was time to make some choices, I can do some of this social media stuff, but just not all, especially with a new one coming out every couple of months { the latest one is Vine and I am so confused by it } so I decided to get rid of Facebook and use the time I normally spent on there and put it towards my blog. Mostly because I missed writing it I always feel so much better after writing a post even IF no one else is reading them and I love love going back and seeing what I wrote about Kael when he was 6 months old it is kinda the only baby book I have been keeping { I need to get better at filling out the baby book }

 It is also a huge way that I stay connected to myself , yea remember  Jen the girl who grew up a huge tomboy playing endless amounts of soccer and dirty from cleaning out her horses stall { a true barn rat } and came out a woman who loves Fashion and Interior Design,  a sucker for reality TV  has a true weakness for wine and can almost always be found up way later than her bedtime reading a good book, are you in there? I am more than just Kael's Mom and Husband J's wife { which is truly a struggle to remember sometimes as a stay at home Mom } and this blog is a good way for me to remember that. So I am back and feeling excited about it. I think if I am going to do this blog I need to start being more honest and more real on it and stop worrying about how I come across because some of my favorite blogs are the ones that are truly honest and make me feel happy that I am not the only one grinding out these long Stay at home Mommy days. So in terms of the reasons I have been gone they are GOOD, so so good, and I will share them all with you tomorrow or Tuesday! Hope you guys are all busy in the kitchen cooking up your favorite Superbowl Sunday recipes!! My eight year old Brother and Dad made  the trip out the New Orleans for the big event and I have been getting pictures all weekend of a dreamy eyed 8 year old in hog heaven and it really sweet to see! 

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