Monday, February 18, 2013

Maternity Wear

Oh Monday you are here again so soon...we had such a busy weekend that before I knew  it was Monday and Jay was off to work again { silent tear } Saturday I treated myself to prenatal yoga in the morning which has kinda become a Saturday morning ritual for me and I am sorta loving it but Ill discuss that more in another post. Following yoga me and my sister went shopping at the mall. I was in need of some new maternity  tops which really means I go to my normal store and buy a large.  I happily found some really cute stuff . Sunday we had breakfast with some of our old friends from Philadelphia who also live in the DC area and just laughed HARD at how much our lives have changed since having kids. Later in the day we got a special visit from my in-laws so by Sunday evening I was EXHAUSTED and very happy to lay in bed and read. I am starting to get pretty large over here WAY faster than I got large with my Kael. While I embrace anything pregnancy brings to me I still kinda want to look somewhat cute for the next couple of months. I always have a hard time dressing in the spring because the weather is so unpredictable but this time around will be even more tricky because maternity wear is involved. I fully intend to pull out any maxi dress that will fit come end of May June when it is warm enough to do so and rock that out for the final month but until then I may need to invest in a couple more pieces to get me thru the next 4 months. We also have a trip to Chicago coming up at the end of March for my sweet Granny's 90th Birthday party so I have been looking for a dress for that also. Feeling motivated after my shopping trip with my sister I sat down and started to browse online for some more cute maternity wear. 

All of these are from Asos which is such a great website for when you are pregnant and even better when you aren't they offer so many different price points and unique styles 

 Thinking about scooping up this adorable pink one for Easter Sunday

Asos also has a really affordable belts in fun colors which is great for trying to create a shape in some of the tenty style dresses you tend to wear during pregnancy

For my jeans for pregnancy I always turn to the Gap they are comfortable and not crazy in price. I didnt pull the trigger on these floral jeans because I wasnt sure my thighs should be covered in floral at this stage of the game but they are super cute and fun 

If you have extra money to burn or looking for something super special during your pregnancy I am in love with the Hatch Maternity collection. How stylish and chic are all these pregnant women??


  1. Wow. I like the lilac dress. I wish I saw these pics when I was pregnant with my daughters. I know I would have looked lovely. I will just send this link to my pregnant friends. They want cheap maternity tops Australia.

  2. All the pics of Maternity Wear are looking so cool, yes you can be that fashionable even when you are pregnant. you can even wear what you want.


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