Friday, March 22, 2013

Almost Two

Thank Heavens for Fridays. These last two weeks have really tested me as a Mother it seems that over night my sweet little boy has turned into a full on terrible two. To say I am lacking the energy for a meltdown every 30 minutes is a huge understatement I can feel myself getting more and more tired as my third trimester approaches. I am hoping { praying on bloody knees } that this is a short stage. We have a busy weekend planned, since we will be in Chicago next weekend my inlaws and a couple of friends are coming over tomorrow to celebrate Kael turning 2!  This year we are doing it super low key cake. ice cream. balloons and presents since last year we went all out for his 1st Birthday. We also have a bunch of projects to cross off the list this weekend. First Husband J is painting the nursery tonight and me and my sister are going to try and hang the wallpaper tomorrow. I am so excited to see how this wallpaper turns out and even more excited to share it with you guys. I was super inspired by these rooms below - with Kaels room I went very neutral whites light blues and a small amount of gold so I wanted to go in a different direction for this nursery so it didnt feel like the same room 

I am also going to take advantage of having men in the house and have them put together Kaels big boy bed that arrived last weekend. Hooray it is all starting to come together! It is still pretty chilly outside but we are in full on spring cleaning mode over here. I am not a organized individual which is a constant battling I am always in with myself. In my head I want to be, but the end product just isnt so I am always trying to get better. I have gotten by pretty well with one child being unorganized but a creepy scary feeling inside my gut is telling me two might be a little harder soooo I am getting this house in order. I saw these two charts on pinterest and instantly pinned them in order to help my case. I have already been meal planning for the past three weeks which guys I am not kidding has been saving me a lot of money and stress. I tape it to the fridge and when Kael is melting down on the floor bc he can't have more " bunnies" fruit snacks and I feel overwhelmed at the thought of dinner I look at the day and know exactly what we are having and the ingredients are already there! Life Saver! 

Yes, Yes she would.

Hopefully this weekend proves to be very celebratory and productive! I will update you all on Monday hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

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