Friday, March 15, 2013

Too tired to come up with a clever title..

My Husband has been gone all week, he left Sunday afternoon and got back last night... I am so exhausted. Those two hours a night that he is home to rough house with Kael is huge I have decided. I have been trying to keep us busy all week swimming at the pool, going to the playground going to get frozen yogurt but today I surrender, mama is tired and Nick Jr is my best friend. I am not ashamed I am six months pregnant and trying to entertain a almost 2 year old completely alone for 4 days is exhausting. Hats off to all you single mamas out there I have no idea how you do it. We have a Holiday coming up, Easter! One of my favorite Holidays for a bunch of reasons, it usually means that they weather is getting warmer it is also right by my Birthday and now my sweet little boys Birthday. Last year I thought he was a little too small for a Easter basket so I didn't go through the trouble so this year I am super excited to get him one. Have you guys been over to Pottery Barn Kids? They have some of the cutest Easter stuff. I ordered this sweet Peter Rabbit basket fill for Kael isnt it the sweetest?

To fill his Easter basket this year we are going to keep it simple and cheap with all the other expenses going on no need to create another one.

These fruit snacks are his equivalent to double chocolate cake so they will be a for sure win.

He is obssesed with the Berenstain Bears we have to read one of their stories every single night before bed now we can add the Easter one to our rotation .

I noticed when going over to my Mother in Laws house how great the illustartions used to be in all of childrens book, maybe its because we are reading very basic books right now but the ones I am seeing just are not wowing me this one has adorable illustrations and a cute story.

Kael is obsessed with the ABC song we sing it probably 100 times a day he is getting pretty good almost half way through the song I love this colorful puzzle to help him learn his ABC's this will be his " big " Easter gift we will probably add some more little snacks and then call it a Happy Easter.

I wanted to have a DIY to show you guys today but my week has just been way too tiring to stay up when Kael goes to bed to finish it. I saw this awesome print below on Pinterest and it reminded me so much of my little boogie. This boy loves to dance his favorite song being " Im sexy and I know it"  by LMFAO you know Red Foo with the Big ass fro yup that one haha. I thought I could def make it to hang in his room so hopefully Monday I will it done to show you guys! Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend

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