Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

It is snowing.... on Saturday we were all sitting in my driving with no jackets on while Kael played with his toys and this morning my car is covered in snow. I can not take it anymore winter I give up, please go away it is SPRING. Aside from the snow that is setting up shop outside my door, this weekend was a good and productive one. Here is a little recap of what we did. I apologize for how terrible all my pictures are I have not been able to find the usb cord for my good camera since we have moved. 

My inlaws drove down from Philadelphia to do a early Birthday celebration for Kael since next weekend we will be in Chicago with my family. I made this cake I saw on Pinterest it is called a pie cookie cake and it was so good!! And super easy especially if you cheat like me and buy the ready made pie crust and cookie dough then all that is left is making the cake batter and putting it all together.

Here is a picture of my sweet boy enjoying his cake.

 We installed the wallpaper I got from Spoonflower with the help of my sister on Saturday and Jay on Sunday it is up and dried { dont mind the tape it is what the directions tell us to do at critical spot to make sure it dries flat }. Lets talk about this wallpaper - it was NOT an easy job but once we got the hang of it it got a lot easier. My Husband was less than thrilled to spend all Sunday afternoon helping me finish but it is done and in the end we both said we really loved it! Overall at the end of the day I would definitely order from Spoonflower again, just not try installing it with a weekend filled with other plans. 

Here is a close up of the pattern

My Father in law Husband and one of our close friends also put Kaels big boy bed together and I love it!! This room was the one that was covered in bad wallpaper when it is all done I will show you the before and after and you guys will laugh at how bad it was there was even a curtain to match!

After a task filled weekend we decided yesterday morning just the three of us to go to brunch and do a little shopping I popped into Old Navy while waiting for the Nordstrom Rack to open and boy was I pleasantly surprised at their kids section!! I found a bunch of cute things for Kael and of course I couldn't leave without picking up two things for the baby girl. Overall it was a really good but busy weekend me and Kael will definitely be snuggled up on the couch today watching movies and enjoying his new toys hope you guys have a great start to the week! 


  1. I love your bed - can you advise where you bought it? I'm doing a "big girl room" for my daughter.

  2. Hi Janine! We got it from Ballard Design I used one of their coupons on the back of their magazines to bring down the price a little bit. I will say we love the quality and are very happy with it! Thanks so much for reading



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