Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am a Makeup Novice..

 Something strange is happening it is 7:10 in the morning I am sitting at my kitchen table writing this drinking coffee { decaf } and my son is still sleeping which never happens he is like clockwork up at 6:30 on the dot maybe this will be his new two year old tradition?? It feels amazing to wake up and get a little situated before he is up asking a million questions, I may need to start waking up at 6! So I have a secret I do not wear makeup..ever.. it is not cute or even close to being acceptable especially with the bags that have camped out underneath my eyes from the many sleepless nights with Kael. I dont know what is wrong with me I blame it on my soccer days and always working out and sweating but then I look at my old teammates and realize,Yup they wear makeup everyday like a normal individual. Soooo as my 29th Birthday approaches and the realization that I am a grown as woman running around looking 10 most of the time hits me. I believe it is time to start wearing some makeup. The thing is I dont really know what I am doing when it comes to wearing makeup..I have been telling myself that I am like Nicole Richie { my bestie } who claims that she doesn't wear makeup often because she just doesnt know how, but um no she basically always looks good and I just don't. 

My skin does not look this fresh and Im pretty sure she is just leaving the gym..

So I started by getting a cute makeup bag from Nordstrom thats important right a step in the right direction! 
Now the hard part that I am kinda stuck on what makeup do I put in it ? My girlfriend Amy told me about " BB" cream so I went to get some and I got the wrong color for my skin. This is the story of my makeup life and the reason why I always end up discouraged and not wearing any. So I think I may end up being that girl at the makeup counter at Nordstrom having her makeup done for free and buying whatever they use on my face?? My main focus is the BAGS under my eyes I am just tired people and that is not going anywhere for a while especially with another baby coming soon so I need to find a way to hide it! 

I found this little chart on Pinterest and really liked it because since I dont really know what I am doing with the makeup I dont want to spend a ton of money on stuff and then get home and find out it is the wrong color for my skin

Supposedly this stuff above is  great for under eye circles, we shall see.  I am going to try out some of these products and report back to which ones I like and dont like. I MAY even doing some pictures of myself to show you how it looks...hope you guys have a good Wednesday!! 


  1. Good luck with the learning process. I have a very simple makeup routine and I don't think I could handle anything much harder. :-)

  2. I swear by erase paste. The best! Started using it 3 years ago and will never stop and that small jar last FOREVER!

  3. Hi there- that dupe list is actually my copyrighted photo. Can you update this post with the source:



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