Friday, April 12, 2013

Baby Girl Wish List

Its a rainy Friday over here and thats OK because I know it means the beautiful trees and flowers I am discovering in my new neighborhood will be even more beautiful tomorrow! I have about 11 weeks left before baby girl Rogers makes her appearance. I will find out my exact c section date in a couple of weeks here and then the countdown can really begin. In the meantime let me obsess about the things I need to get for her before she comes. Truly I don't NEED much lets be honest Kael was the first grandchild on both sides so we were not really lacking but there are a couple of things that I have realized would be " nice " this time around or more helpful with two children.

baby needs

1. Mamaroo Plush Infant Seat - We already have an awesome swing that we love and a great bouncer but I used our bouncer in the bathroom a ton with Kael because thats I how I managed to take a shower so I would love another one for either our playroom in the basement or the living room Ive heard good things about this, it is a little on the expensive side so I will for sure be waiting till I get a coupon in the mail.

2. Puj - I love how small this little infant tub is it can go directly in the sink and since some nights I will be bathing both kids alone I thought this would be perfect to use while Kael is in the tub I can stand at the sink and bathe the baby.

3. Ninna Nanna Bassinet - I kept Kael in my room till he was about 6 months. He slept in like 5 different things in those six month which I don't think was great for his sleeping habits. I am hoping to cut it down to 4 months with this baby but that is still a good amount a time so I wanted a nice bassinet that she will be comfortable in and wont take up too too much space in the bedroom while she is setting up shop in there. Love this one from giggle.

4. Nursing Cover - I love this nursing cover from uncommon goods because it covers all of you not just your front. Nothing is more uncomfortable than nursing in public and feeling like your cover is slipping or showing something { nobody really wants to see all that} Not to mention it is pink and has stripes!

5. Fan for Nursery - Perfect Fan to put on the changing table to keep the air circulating in the nursery

6. Ubbi Diaper Pail - We already have a great diaper genie for the nursery but since most of my time will probably be spending down in our playroom or in our backyard we need a diaper pail for the basement this one is smaller and very cute

7. Gro- Egg - I can not tell you how many times I wondered out loud to Husband J if I thought the house was too hot for Kael or too cold I would literally lose sleep over this. Then when he was about a year old when I was less worried about this I saw that they have this awesome egg that tells you the temperature in the room and changes colors based on if it is too hot or cold GENUIS!!

8. Barefoot Dreams Receiving Blanket - I am OBSESSED with these blankets they make them for adults too and I sleep with mine every single night. Kael has a light blue one with stars that he sleeps with every night and I would like baby girl to have one also.

9. Blabla Dolls- Another thing I am obsessed with these dolls are adorable and so well made. Kael has the horse that he sleeps with every night along with his " bunny" and I would love for baby girl to have her own also.

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