Monday, April 8, 2013

Before Im 30..

Hello All!! Tomorrow happens to be my 29th Birthday and while I am excited to have Husband J take a day off work and for me to go and treat myself to a pedicure I am more focused on what this year last year in my twenties..which I guess I am OK with just a little confused HOW IT HAPPENED. I have been doing a lot of self reflecting to say the least.. am I am happy with where I am at 29?Im not talking happy with my duties as a wife or a mom but with MYSELF how much have I grown as a individual since I turned 20 blah blah blah and to be honest I would have to answer a lot yes and also a lot NO. 

FITNESS: For the past three years I have been either pregnant, nursing, or extremely sleep deprived and my body has been lets just say not the best. If I am being honest with myself and that is what this year is about my body really hasn't been " its best " since I left Gainesville Florida somehow my college days were my best body days probably because I was forced to be in a bathing suit all year long for our weekly pool parties. I want to change that, I have always been a fit health conscious person and I want to get back on that train mostly because I feel so much better about myself and I need the energy for my children. I obviously can't start this fitness plan for a couple of months since I am currently pregnant but this is probably my main goal in my 29th year getting back to my healthiest self. I am very intrigued by this Tracy Anderson Lady I've heard good things and she has DVDs that I can do at home anddd she had turned my bestie Nicole Richie into one hot healthy chic and obviously for that reason alone Im sold. In terms of food I really love this blogger she has great recipes and ideas on how to eat healthy on a budget 

ORGANIZATION : They say creative individuals aren't very organized well at least this is what I tell Husband J when he complains about how unorganized I am. I know it seems like a small thing but it really isn't- I lose my keys and my phone probably three times a day. I am not a messy person but unorganized meaning I will get something in the mail and just put it in a random drawer and then forget which drawer I put it in. ALL OF THE TIME. So when my son is yelling " READY" at me at the top of his lungs with his shoes and jacket on ready to leave the house and I can't find my keys this being disorganized isn't really that cute. Sooo I have been really trying to spring clean and get organized before baby girl comes and keep it that way it helps that we have much more storage in this house and all things can actually have a spot. I Also really loved the idea of planning out my week that I got from this article from my pinterest. I know it sounds really silly but days as a stay at home Mom can be long as hell especially on days that we don't have an activity planned on these days we usually end up doing something the requires we spend money and is a sure way I blow the activity budget from the month. This is the same for food planning when I don't plan out my weekly meals I AM SURE to spend way too much money eating out or doing small little grocery store trips. Love this  template below you can print out a bunch and put them in a binder.

Beauty/Fashion: I have already told you about my issues with Makeup and I am consciously working on finding a makeup routine that is simple and easy for me to do before leaving the house. I will update you more on that later. On the other side of this I have decided that it is time for me to make smarter Fashion buy decisions. I am such a impulse shopper I will go into a store and just grab a bunch of crap mostly with prints on it { Im a prints girl } and then a month later look into my closet and complain that I have nothing practical to wear. Since most of my money now goes to buying clothing for my son and our daughter on the way I have take a little more time when buying my clothes think less trendy and things that will last me for a while. I always always use the stuff that I shell out money for for years and take good care of them. The stuff I buy from Forever 21 is probably in a pile in my closest right now. QUALITY NOT QUANITY is my motto in my 29th year. So if I was going to go spring/summer shopping for myself under these new rules I would probably pick

Current Elliot Boyfriend jean shorts { PS they are on major sale over at Barney New York Warehouse}
Awesome Ray Bans for the summer and spring months 

  Could see myself using this suit a lot, hopefully if all above goes well I will be back in a two piece HOWEVER lets get there first..
Adorable modern Jelly's

I love this maxi because it is so nuetral but still has great detail, I would love it even more if it came in black 
Great Tory Sandals that will surely last you a couple of summers 

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