Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On My Bedside Table

Happy Hump Day!! Ok so I am kind of obsessed with the Real Housewives of Atlanta this season
Kandi's Mom is um - crazy and I love it so much.
If you do not watch it do yourself a favor
the next time Bravo is playing reruns indulge a little and take a ride on to cookoo train that is
Mama Joyce

I wanted to continue the little series I was doing before I had Pippa which I called On My Bedside Table. I truly love to read even more than I love mindless trashy reality shows.
My sister recently told me about the Netflicks series Orange is the New Black which originated from the book written by Piper Kerman about her time in the Danbury Conneticut womens prison for a small drug charge that she committed right out of college. It has taken me longer to get through it because obviously I do not have as much time or energy right now to read but it is a honest read and very interesting to get a glimpse inside of the prison walls. I heard the show is hilarious and the book has its funny moments too but I can't help feeling horrified at the thought of me or one of my friends ending up in the slammer because of one silly mistake made at 18 years old.

I am almost finished with Orange is the New Black so yesterday while strolling Target with the kids one of our favorite winter activities { its awesome for the budget you should try it } I saw this book Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn the same women who wrote Gone Girl which I loved. Im excited to dig into this over Christmas break.
 Ok I am off to address Christmas cards and try to start packing up the kids for our vacation. I will be back on Friday with a fun cookie recipe, Saturday is my sisters annual cookie exchange party. Last year I was morning sick and gagging at ever single cookie on the table so this year I am excited to get into it and attempt a trickier cookie!

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