Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snowy Days

Does this seem like the longest week ever? I have not been out of the house aside for some frolicking in the snow since Sunday. yesterday afternoon the weather finally stopped and I can not get out of the house fast enough today. I will say it wasn't so bad being stuck in the house my 2 year old was a little under the weather { reason number 12,098,76273 I strongly dislike winter - constant colds } so we curled up and watched movies  read books and did puzzles. I also got the rest of my Christmas shopping done and ordered my Christmas cards. I was a basket case over the Christmas cards this year one minute I wasn't doing them because I feel like I just did birth announcements then the next I was but couldn't pick a card it was a mental mess. I was going to share a recipe with you all today but since I havent been able to get to the grocery store that will have to wait until Friday. We have been right outside of DC for a little over a year now and have been blessed with the best set of neighbors. We have all gotten so close and pop in and out of each others homes regularly throughout the week and even have a weekly scheduled Bravo night where we watch the housewives and drink wine, besides their companionship I am also thrilled that one of them Charlotte is learning photography and loves to practice on my children so I thought I would share some of the unedited pics she took over these snow days. I know I will cherish these forever. I be back on Friday with the recipe I promised for today and some awesome last minute gift ideas for the kiddos!

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