Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Art Smart...

You guys I didn't watch the Golden Globes. I wasn't sick I wasn't tired but I am obsessed with breaking bad. I didn't even watch Giuliana on the red carpet { which I never miss } that's how obsessed I am. I know I am late on the Breaking Bad train but I am so glad I got on! Judging from the blog universe I didn't miss much the dresses were kind of ehhhhh.  Wanna know something that is not eh? Rachel Castle art. I am usually not that into art but I find myself looking for stuff to fill my walls besides pictures of us and the kids. I first saw Rachel Castle on the awesome blog Amber Interiors and instantly fell in love.

You know I have to love a artist that makes a piece in honor of my girl Rachel Zoe

 I think this would be awesome in a mudroom of when you first walk into the house

 Does this not describe the house of a young family " CRAZY TOWN"

This would be darling in a playroom 

The tricky part is figuring out how these would work with the rest of my house. I love the fun vibrant colors but they do not really mesh well with the muted palette that I have going which is why I think they would work best in a playroom or a mudroom.

Speaking of Art  this company Sugarboo Designs makes AWESOME kids art and I am currently saving up to put this piece in Pippas room. I love the message so so much and feel It can grow with her as her room changes.

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