Sunday, January 12, 2014

Meal Planning

Happy Monday! Kael and I experienced his first movie yesterday morning. I think I was more excited to take him than he was to go. We saw the movie Frozen and it was adorable lots of music which I love and apparently Kael does too because whenever they started a song he would have a huge smile on his face. It made for a perfect Sunday activity.  Do you guys meal plan? I started about a year ago and it has literally transformed how I grocery shop and made my life much much easier. I have not gotten to the point in my life where I love to cook, it is strictly done because we have to eat and for the sake of our sanity and budget we can not eat out all the time. My usually Sunday morning looks like this

I pull out my recipe books and a couple of my cookbooks and ALWAYS pinterest and pick a couple recipes and right down the ingredients on my Menu Planner. I used to print them out weekly but right before the Holidays found the one above at Anthropologie and immediately snatched it up. My favorite part is you are detach the grocery list from the weekly plan and take it to the grocery store with you! So simple.  This has helped me so much, when I am feeling frazzled and not sure how I am going to get dinner on the table I look to the menu and know what to make and I know that we have all the ingredients in the pantry. 

I just recently read on one of my favorite blogs Pawleys Island Posh a way to take this meal planning even further. She suggested taking small baskets and putting all your ingredients for each meal for the week in their own basket { aside from the perishable stuff }inside your pantry... GENIUS! While the meal planning makes the week MUCH easier on any random Wednesday you will see me rifling thru my pantry looking for the taco season packet I SWEAR I purchased { while Kael scatters the stuff from the pantry thru the house and Pippa whines to be picked up } 

My pantry could and will never be THIS organized because those apples would be thrown around the house in 5 seconds but this is what I am thinking on a much less organized smaller scale. Who knows when I will get around to doing this I can barely make up the street to get my eyebrows waked these days but it is definitely inspiring.

This makes me laugh so much, I am not the most organized person but I have been trying so hard with two kids to be better because nobody has anytime to be looking for stuff like keys and cellphones these days! So Martha I am trying really really trying but I will probably never ever fold a fitted sheet well. 

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