Monday, January 6, 2014

Dirty Thirty Slimdown Progress...

Monday is here again.. how does the weekend go so so fast?? We took down all of our Christmas decorations this weekend and I honestly say my little guy was crushed and kept repeating in the saddest voice " Christmas is over ". He is getting so so big and into everything he has mastered unfollowing and following people on my Instagram which is well not so cute so excuse me if you notice any unusual activity on there. I did my first workout post baby this weekend to start my dirty thirty slim down and I felt like a old old woman. I kinda depressed me because at one point in my life I was a collegiate athlete and now I am sucking wind at a Zumba class but get such is life. After I got over the initial shock of how bad of shape I was in I felt great about getting my first workout under my belt. I have also been trying to stick to this 30 day abs challenge before bed which always ends my day on a positive note. 

Obviously working out is great but most of losing weight is what you put into your mouth so I have been pinning healthy recipes like a mad woman. I am going to give this citrus chicken recipe a try tonight over some brown rice.

SO yea all of this kinda sucks and I wish I was still gobbling away at my sons goldfish and gummy snacks but I know in the end it will be worth it and I will feel so good. So maybe by summer I can look this good in a bathing suit BOWCHICAWAWA...after two kids she looks phenomenal.

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