Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Playroom Facelift I woke up yesterday feeling happy that the temperatures have finally risen ( 40's not that high but still ) and was sure that the cold snap was finally gone. Well I was wrong I just got back from Target and both me and the kids were pissed that we had decided to leave the house today. SO SO cold. Onto why I went to target.. I am looking for this blouse that I saw my girl crush Lisa from one of my favorite blogs ( Lunchpailsandlipstick ) wearing and so far it seems that none of the Targets near me carry it.  We also needed some more pullups for Kael but honestly who am I kidding I went to Target for this blouse! I don't understand Fairfax Virginia Target why do you not carry this top!??

I have FINALLY FINALLY but the finishing touches on Kaels Big Boy room and will be taking pictures of it to share with you on here on the blog soon! I still have one more piece that I trying to find for Pippa's room before I share hers on here so while I am trying to find it I figured it was time to move onto the most thrown together space in the house which is our playroom. Since we will not be in this house much longer I can only do things to the space that we can take with us when we me move which for a playroom is fine. We have a perfectly fine sofa in there it just needs a cover over it because it is like a dingy beige at this point and it just depresses me when I am sitting down there with the kids so I found this one at Target ( clearly my go to store these days ) and think it will do just the trick brightening up the space 

I also ordered this rug from Rugsusa since they are having a 50 percent off sale ( come to think of it when are they NOT having a 50 percent off sale ) and got it for a really great price! I love that it is soft and great for little Miss Pippa to crawl around on.
We currently have a little bookshelf in there with the books falling all over the places and taking up floor space so I plan on getting two or three of the book ledges from IKEA to save some space and keep our books more organized. 

Here is what the Ribba Ledges from Ikea look like.

And then for some color I am going to mix a bunch of different pattern pillows and some fun throw blankets to make it warm and cozy. I am using this picture of Reese Witherspoons house in Elle Decor magazine for pattern mixing inspiration with a little more blue and a little less pink to make it more gender Neutral.

Thats all I have for you today! I am going to take some before and after pictures of the playroom so I will share my before pictures with you soon!! Have a great Tuesday and if you aren't already follow along with my on my pinterest and instagram!! 

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