Thursday, February 13, 2014

If You Can't Beat Em' Join Em'

This is a lesson in life - the fact that there is now 7 inches or more of snow outside my window right now is Gods way of teaching me how to gracefully bow out when I know I have been beaten. Mother nature you win, you have reared your ugly head many many times this winter and we are all accepting defeat now please just bring your sun! Happily Husband J is home from work today so that is a positive and Kael is thrilled to go out in the snow and this is the fluffy beautiful kind so I may just join them { If you cant beat em join em }. Tomorrow is valentines day and though this is definitely not my favorite Holiday of the year I am excited to give Kael and Pippa their valentines and I have a bunch of fun activities planned for Kael I will share a super easy one with you here on Saturday! 
While browsing J. Crews crewcuts line for spring clothes for Kael I came across Mara Hoffman for Jcrew girls and almost shed a shopaholic tear -the stuff is ADORABLE. Pippa wont be able to fit into this for another year but I may have to get something and save it for her for next summer because it is THAT adorable. 

This dress is not by Mara but UMMM it is gorgeous but also super expensive and would cause Husband J to stroke if I actually bought it. I would literally wear this dress myself just adorable!
I hope all of your who are covered in snow stay warm and if you are bored I am currently reading a really funny and ridiculous chic lit book called Crazy Rich Asians which got great reviews in People Magazine { cold hard news source I know } and I have by flying thru it! 

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