Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kids Art

Has anyone been watching the Bachelor? I am so conflicted one minute I am hating Juan P and mercilessly making fun of him and the next I am thinking aww what a sweet guy ( he cries real emotional tears when they go home - just stop it right now it is so sweet ) I am hoping the Nurse Nikki wins because I feel like she is being real - this " Im so sweet and nice " act from the girls in fake and getting old, we are watching for the drama ladies not to see sweet girlfriends politely date the same guy. I have been trying to do more arts and crafts with Kael lately the winter is long and terribly boring some days so when I saw this simple Valentine's Day themed art project that we already had the materials needed to do it I got excited. All you need is some paper ( we used canvas that I had left over from stocking up during a sale at Micheals ) red paint ( or honestly any color ) and a toilet paper roll bent into the shape of a heart. It was fun simple and something cute to hang on our gallery wall of kids art in the playroom. This is a picture of Kaels finished product

Pretty good for a almost three year old I was pretty impressed.

Speaking of hanging pictures in the playroom I have been trying to pick two or three mix with Kaels ( and in the future Pippas ) art and hang above the fireplace in the playroom and it has been so tough. SO MANY cute prints out there here are a couple of my favorites of my playroom inspiration board on pinterest

 I wanted to put the one above in Pippas room but just couldnt because Kael AND Pippa are my favorites works of art and I couldn't find it in blue or a color that would go with Kaels room so I will settle and put it in the playroom gotta keep it equal haha.

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