Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Recap/ Phone Dump

Good Morning!! The sun is shining here in Northern Virginia and I am ready to start the new week! Our weekend FLEW by it was overly packed ( especially for us who love to relax on the weekends ) Friday was Valentines Day and we were still pretty snowed in so I kept Kael busy with making cupcakes and doing a fun Valentines themed art project that I found here. I will share more on that tomorrow! Below are some pictures of us enjoying the snow ( I am using the word enjoying very loosely ) Kael and Jay absolutely love it while me and Pippa are much happier inside drinking a glass o wine ( just me she is still on a milk diet )

Here are some sweets for my sweets. It was actually a book and a pillow for each the last thing my wound up toddler needs is candy.

 I found this card from Husband J at Paper Source when I was picking out the kids pillows and knew I had to buy it. He is always yelling at me for browsing the internet before bed instead of resting my mind 

He got me a laptop case that I have been needing we purchased a new laptop in the fall and I have been without a case. I love this one is matches my diaper bag except it is in a fun bright red instead of black.

 My sweet boy icing v-day cupcakes ( obviously he had to wear this spiderman costume too )

 On Saturday we met up with my sister her family and my little brother and his girlfriend who were in town visiting for the weekend at the Natural History Museum. Kael LOVED it. Made me realize I need to take him into DC more often and check out the museums

Then last night we took the kids to see Disney on Ice - it was awesome Kael loved it. Pippa however was TERRIFIED of the loud music and the characters voices. Jay ended up standing at the top of our section by the usher for the show. I felt bad but afterwards he said he loved it and felt like Dad to the rescue so I guess it wasn't so bad haha.

 Here are some snaps of us before the show sorry for the crappy quality it was dark in there and my phone is horrible lately

Happily my stepmom and little brother are in town staying with us till tomorrow so Kaels marathon weekend continues till tomorrow when he will for surely be WIPED out for the duration of the week. I hope you guys have a great Monday!!post signature

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