Monday, February 24, 2014

This past week...

Happy Monday! Im in a particularly good mood this Monday because the weather has actually been nice. It was sunny and mild and glorious. I am going to do a big phone dump this morning. We have had two busy weekends last weekend parts of my family were in town that is my little brother below holding Pippa he came with my stepmom for a long weekend and was so great with Pippa and especially Kael 

 Pippas Christmas present from my sister arrived this week and it is darling. I have been looking at the Tiny Arrow shop for such a long time I am so excited to have one of her headbands of my own I can't wait to use this for Pippas first birthday pictures. How adorable is her packaging?

 On Thursday Pippa got her little ears pierced I have been wanting to do this for a while so when she had to go in for the second flu shot I thought no better time to get it pieced so our doctor did it. She really cried.. but was over it in 5 minutes and now they look adorable so glad we did it.

 This is how she feels about it..

This weekend we drove home to Philly and spent the weekend with Pippas Godparents and two of our best friends. Their daughter Brynn is a month younger than Pippa which is so fun we have been calling them Cher and Dionne from Clueless for obvious reasons and are secretly hoping for them to be best friends for life.

Just two girlfriends out for a day of shopping

Enjoying the nice weather eating outside 

 Pippas with her Godparents

 Here are all three of the kids together it was such a great weekend since having kids we normally have to say goodbye to friends at 6 to put them to bed or deal with totally cranky babies this weekend was fun because once we put the kids to bed we could stay up late chatting. One of my new years goals was to spend more time on true friends and this.  weekend was a great start to accomplishing that goal throughout the whole year.

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  1. Pippa's 1-year old pictures will be darling, can't wait how you end up styling her! Love the pictures with Casey :)


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