Friday, February 7, 2014

The Little Things

I have been feeling super tired lately in the mornings, when my son comes in at 6:30 waking me up like a ball full of energy I feel frazzled and like I am starting my day off on a off balanced foot. So today I started a new routine and will now start waking up before him in order to get in a cup of coffee read any blogs or work on my own blog and just take a couple of deep breaths before the craziness of the days starts. If you live pretty much anywhere in this country you know that the weather this winter has been unbelievably crappy and it has me longing to wear summer clothes and sandals and pack the kids in the car without a pile of coats blankets hat mittens. I also am a person that suffers from a touch of seasonal depression I need the sun and when I dont get it it seriously changes my mood  my motivation to do things and raises my anxiety level. Anxiety with a almost three year old and a 7 month old do not mix so I have been trying really hard these last weeks of winter to keep my head above the water and focus on positive things. I look to find the positive in the smallest amounts of good news, a really fun chapter in a book I am reading, a funny new expression Kael is saying, a milestone that Pippa is mastering. I am trying hard this time around to really soak in all the goodness that comes with an infants-with Kael I was so focused on getting to the next part " I can't wait for him to eat real foods, I cant wait for him to crawl, I can't wait for him to walk " and then when all of it happened I was in tears wishing for my small dependent baby back. Why did I care so much? He was going to do it eventually what was the true rush of it all ? I spent too much time worrying about the next I am afraid I didn't enjoy the present enough.  So this time Im savoring and soaking in each and every moment of the "neediness" and enjoying each new development as it comes bc they really are true babies for such a short period of time. Yesterday my soon to be sister in law ( who I love ) gave me the dates for her bacherlorette party and said " start swimsuit shopping " those three words got me so giddy ( finding happiness in the smallest things ) the idea of a all girl weekend away this summer is just what I needed to get me through the 20 degree temperatures. So in the spirit of summer hurrying the F up I thought I would post some of my favorite spring/summer items that are starting to show up on the shelves.  

 Im loving this hot pink maxi ( Im a maxi loving girl ) it would be great for a summer wedding or cocktail party

 I wore a ton of white eyelet dresses last summer and I am still loving them I would wear a white dress all summer long love them! 
 Obsessed with this coverup from ASOS
 Love the scalloped detail on these shorts these above are also from Asos 
 Graphic tshirts are all the rage right now most of them I could take or leave but this one I love, I spent some much time growing up in Nike Air tshirt from my soccer days this play on it makes me laugh

It is sold and so therefore I doubt it can ever be mine but this Mara Hoffman pom pom bag is so good 

Im thinking about jumping on the overall trend bandwagon and heres why. They are comfortable and I can do my mom duties in them and still pretend to be kinda cool - the ones above are adorable but expensive. Im looking for a cheaper pair because Im not sure how long this trend will last. 

Thats all I got for you , its still freezing outside my little ones still have a cold but it sure did lift my spirits a little bit dreaming of the warmth of sweet summertime .

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