Friday, March 14, 2014

On My Bedside Table

Happy Friday!! So glad the weekend is here and it looks like more nice weather is coming. Yesterday was just a absolute joke after being in the 70s for two days it dropped down to 19 degrees with 50 mile per hour winds. Not funny Mother nature not funny. When my Husband gets home for work we have been trying to all sit down as a family and eat dinner it is good for Kael to start learning his table manners and saying his blessing and all that good stuff but IMMEDIATELY after that I go upstairs and get my book and take a long bath while Husband J gets the kids ready for bed...

which leads me to what Ive been reading lately..

I saw Big Girl Panties in target and thought that title was hilarious and was honestly kinda shocked it was New York Times Bestseller so since it caught my attention I decided to give it a whirl and threw it in the cart with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised it is a love story about a widow who has kinda let herself go and a guy who has lost touch with reality. It was light with and fluffy and made me happy at the end of a long day. I recommend it to anyone looking for a light happy read. 

Silver Star by Jeannette Walls was the book I read before Big Girl Panties and it was a little less light though I always finding some humor in this authors moving stories. This is about two girls with a free spirited Mother who one day takes off leaving them with 200$ and a note saying she will be back soon. The girls make it to their Mothers home town to stay with their uncles and uncover many secrets about their past. I loved this it was a great story about the complicated dynamics of families and Mother daughter relationships. 

Looking forward to reading : 
Me and My family are heading away soon to celebrate my 30th Birthday which is April 9th and I am hoping to take this along with me for a couple good laughs while we are there. 

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