Friday, April 18, 2014

All Dressed with up Kael

Happy Good Friday!!! I am busy cleaning up the house for family coming into town this weekend to celebrate Easter with us but I thought I would break and share a All Dressed Up with Kael with you. If you have never hung around a three year old before I highly suggest you find one to have a conversation with because it is hysterical. Yesterday the majority of our conversation was trying to figure out " who took off Pippa's penis " He was highly concerned because she does not have one so obviously that meant someone must have taken it off -yikes! I could not stop laughing. He is also convinced that boys have juice in their nipples and Mommys have milk. This is a on going argument that quickly gets heated between Husband J and Kael. I can not make this stuff up people. We are only a couple weeks into three and I am already wanting to bottle it up. He is so curious and adventurous and his imagination goes on for miles and miles. I will be back on Monday to share some pictures from our Easter weekend with you all! I hope you have a great weekend.

** If you are wondering why Kael always has a band-aid on his head it is because he is obsessed with picking his scabs and keeps opening the same one. Super fun for Mommy.

this is Kael attempting to mow down the tree

I can not wait till Pippa finds her words the facial expressions she has while watching Kael are priceless.." sorry to break it to you Kael but that lawn mower is not going to cut it "

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